Brandon Kerr comes from a background of owning, operating, and investing in privately held companies. Brandon started in venture capital working in the family office of, and under the mentorship of Jim Treliving (Chairman and Owner of Treliving Management and Boston Pizza International). Brandon then went on to start a lean e-commerce business with one thing in mind, profitability. He developed and implemented an automated lead generation system through global partnerships and digital marketing,


Brandon's latest endeavor saw him leading roles within a private equity firm serving the companion animal markets in Canada and the United States. He worked his way to President of four portfolio companies where he took responsibility for the P&L, led the consolidation of manufacturing, and expanded revenue up to 4x.

Brandon’s unique combination of grit, resilience, and analytical thinking has not only carried his professional career but also his athletic career.  He is a graduate of Brock University (BA Economics) where he also played varsity hockey.  This helped Brandon internalize the importance of team dynamics and how it can lead to success.