transform tomorrow by investing today.

We look for new ways to solve massive problems by investing in founders making industries smarter, better, and more sustainable. 

Deliciously redefining the future of meat, one cell at a time, for a healthier, more humane, and sustainable world.

Meet Ali in the City of Angels. 

Revolutionizing the future of medical research with high-resolution 3D bioprinting for human-like tissue models

Meet Karolina on the Island. 

Collecting data-sets that have never before been collected to create 3D maps of our Earth's subsurface transforming resource exploration for the better.

Meet Jeremiah in the Desert. 

Robots, telehealth, and more degrees than founders.  It's like Dougie Houser met Tony Stark in Dorothy's hometown and then changed healthcare forever.

Meet Danish in the Show-Me-State

Giving ESG impact a voice in the only language capital markets understand:  Shareholder engagement, mobilization & consequence.

Meet Kevin in the Capitol.

A self-proclaimed, blockchain geek makes Privacy-preserving DNA data research, medical trials, COVID-19 testing & vaccine validation a non-fungible reality.

Meet Daniel in the Valley.